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Invention Drawing Example

Invention Drawing Example

Invention 3-D Model Example

Invention 3-D Model Example

Innovation Design Challenge

Good Luck to all of Eisenhower's Student Inventors




What does it do?

Cynthia Galindo

The Dable

It’s a door that transforms into a spare dining table when needed

Johnathan Ybarra

The PowerStep

It’s a shoe insert that charges as you walk and can be used later to charge your device(s)

Georgina Guevara

The Eco-friendly DIY Water Purifier

It’s a compact & portable system for filtering water

Jared Elizarraraz

The Diabetes Bracelet

It’s a bracelet that monitors the wearer’s heart rate, alerts the wearer when it’s time to take medication & can alert emergency personnel

Alexandra Vasquez

The Umbcho

It’s an umbrella that can transform with a few snaps into a wearable poncho

Jonathan Fernandez

Brandon Olvera

Jim Solomon

Andres Torres

The Desalination Pot

It creates fresh water from salt water by separating the salt molecules from the water molecules

Eliza Lara


They’re colorful socks with snaps sewn on the top so that pairs always stay together

Armani Korsich

The Acrylic Edge Clock

It’s a futuristic looking custom alarm clock that can change light display colors and alarms

Damaris Sotelo


It’s a soft whiteboard eraser with a built-in eraser spray bottle

Jonathan Fernandez

Brandon Olvera

Jim Solomon

Andres Torres

The Hurricane House

It’s a tourist attraction worthy home design that allows hurricane force winds and storm surges to flow over the house

Bryant Cabrera

The Razer Wired Systems

It’s an ultra sleek input cord for gamers that reduces tangled cord mess

Jacqueline Lamas

Cesar Ramos

Phoenix Ray

Elizabeth Reyes

The P Three

It is a system for magnetically filtrating polypropylene (plastic) out of water

Oluwamayowa Adesoye

Out of the Shadows app

It’s a downloadable app that links local makeup and fashion designers with potential clients

Johnnathan Kirkwood Randolph

The Ironing Lint Roller

It’s a compact lint roller that also heats up to iron away wrinkles

Asad Ellis

Speed Warning Lights

It’s a system for alerting drivers at an intersection to oncoming speeding vehicles

Azucena Ponce

The Mood Glasses

They’re fashionable glasses made out of the same material as mood rings

Priscilla Huante

Paula Mendoza

Stephanie Mercard


They’re fruit flavored popsicles that have  biodegradable sticks with fruit seeds embedded in them and can be planted after the popsicle is eaten  


All participating students will take a trip to Hollywood during Spring Break to visit the Museum of Failure

All participating students will take a trip to Hollywood during Spring Break to 
visit the Museum of Failure

Museum of Failure Field Trip: Friday March 16th 8am to 2:30 pm

Visit the museum website for a sneak peak http://failuremuseum.com/

Eisenhower High School's 1st Annual Innovation & Design Challenge

Eisenhower High School's 1st Annual Innovation & Design Challenge